Gene prediction in plasmid metagenomic short reads using deep learning
PlasGUN is the gene prediction tool for plasmid metagenomic short reads using deep learning. PlasGUN takes the short reads file in "fasta" format as input and output a tabular file that contains the coordinates of the predicted ORFs. This software is suitable for metagenomic data in which plasmid DNA is enriched using either experimental or computational approach. PlasGUN presents better performance on plasmid short read data than traditional tools, which are designed primarily for chromosomal short reads. Tests also showed that PlasGUN could identify more potential novel genes than other gene prediction tools, which was important for plasmid study.

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  • Click "Manual.pdf" to download the manual of PPR-Meta.
  • Click "PlasGUN_v_1_0" to download the package.

  • DATA
    Data used to train and test PlasGUN, related results and scripts are stored at here
    Zhencheng Fang, Jie Tan, Shufang Wu, Mo Li, Chunhui Wang, Yongchu Liu and Huaiqiu Zhu. PlasGUN: Gene prediction in plasmid metagenomic short reads using deep learning.

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