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Forthos Dungeon

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Posted at 2019-6-10 17:17:11 | All floors |Read mode
To build when the recent Hosidius remodel and increase the richness on the continent, Mod West bundled a Hosidius Dungeon within the original Hosidius Rework blog site. Since then, Mod Husky spent some time working on the design. Now referred to as Forthos Dungeon, it is virtually ready to be polled. Is that design - get started! As usual, we will adjust a few possibilities and poll questions based upon your feedback. We are seeking to bring the Forthos Dungeon for you to poll in the coming months.

All images and the GIF are works in progress along with subject to change. Appearances may vary by the time of release.


The Forthos Dungeon is found below the Forthos Ruin, the latest area created as part of the Hosidius Rework. There will be two gates as shown in the photograph below. We would also reroute the catacombs entrance which often currently leads to the giant mud crabs to the western front door of this dungeon instead. This kind of shortcut must be accessed from inside before it can be used both equally ways, the same as how the idea currently works.


Spider's Den (1)

The first significant room that lies inside Hosidius Dungeon is a significant multi-combat red spider call home that contains twenty one temple bumblebees. These are a more powerful types of red spider (level 80 Combat) with an improved loot table. They will also be assignable as a Slayer task of this type by Konar. Adventurers daring enough to enter the family room will find an abundance of red search engine spider egg spawns (10) as an option to collecting them in Edgeville dungeon.

In the room to the south you will see an injured Saradominist Monk called Brother Aimeri who have, once healed to entire health, will give valuable learn about the dungeon.

The Grubby Torso (2)

At the end of a long détroit is a locked gate that could be picked with 57 Thieving. Behind the door lies typically the Grubby Chest, requiring some sort of Grubby key to unlock. Grubby keys will be uncommonly fallen by creatures throughout the dungeon. The chest contains a selection of supplies and treasure, averaging 40, 000-50, 000 general practitioner in value. The items will help you survive in the dungeon - working similarly to typically the Muddy key and Mud-covered Chest in the Wilderness Lava Maze.

The Library (3)

North of the Grubby torso is a library. This place contains 4 undead druids and various bookshelves that could be searched for three tattered intensité. The pages to complete these tomes can be found through killing creatures within the dungeon. Once filled, these importances will describe snippets associated with lore about the ancient faith practiced in the southern Empire of Varlamore as well as learn about the ruined temple dungeon on its own. Doing so is part of some sort of miniquest described later with this blog.

Altar of the Direct sun light (4)

This room posesses a mysterious NPC called Olbertus who has found a wondering artifact and an ara for recharging prayer details.

Sacrificial Chamber (7)

This particular small , secret room utilized by the druids to present their own offerings to the gods. Outdoorsmen will have to explore the dungeon and figure out how to access the key entrance from within the Crypt of the Moon. Once in there, the lever can be pulled that will open a previously secured door north of the Scorched Grotto.

Eodan the Excéder has set up a small tanning not work in this chamber. While helpful, he charges far larger prices than other tanners. Nonetheless this high cost can be diminished by completing tiers of the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Record. In the centre of the small place is a bone burner. This is used to sacrifice bones for 3 times the base experience of burying them. Players who conciliate the gods by using up enough bones here can earn the temple crucial. This can be used to permanently uncover doors within the dungeon to create traversing it much easier. This really is designed to give extra worth to anyone slaying the actual nearby red dragons without having competing directly with current Prayer experience rates through the Ectofuntus (4x), Gilded ceremony (3. 5x) or Mayhem altar (3. 5x).

Scorched Grotto (8)

This big room contains six red-colored dragons and five child red dragons. The to the west entrance leads to the collection while to the north is situated a shortcut to the n . half of the dungeon that requires 80 Agility to navigate. Gleam corridor to the north-west which leads to the sacrificial chamber rapid but the door needs to be jailbroke from the other side. This kind of location will be added to Konar's list of potential assignments intended for slaying red dragons.

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