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Shunong BAI

Professor of Plant Developmental Biology

College of Life Sciences, PKU

5 Yiheyuan Road, Beijing, 100871

Tel:  86-10-6276-1444

Fax: 86-10-6275-1526

E-mail:  shunongb_at_pku.edu.cn

Web page: www.plantdev.pku.edu.cn







Ph.D., Plant physiology, Institute of Botany, CAS, 1990

MS, Plant physiology, WuhanUniversity, 1986

BA, Agronomy, Anhui Agricultural College, 1982



Research interests: 

How an plant organ is formed from a group of undifferentiated cells, focusing on stamen;
whild particular interest in the regulatory mechanism at chromatin level.



1998-present   Professor, College of Life Sciences, PekingUniversity

1997-1998      Research Associate, Plant development, University of California at Berkeley

1996-1998      Professor, Institute of Botany, CAS

1994-1996      Associate professor, Institute of Botany, CAS

1990-1994      Assistant professor, Institute of Botany, CAS

1991-1994      Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Plant Biology, UCB, with Z. R. Sung

1987-1990      Graduate student for PhD degree, Institute of Botany, CAS

1986-1987     Education strategist, participated in the establishment of Hefei Institute of 
 Economy and Technology, sponsored by the Chinese National Tobacco

1983-1986      Graduate student for MS degree, WuhanUniversity

1982-1983     Junior Scientist, Huaibei Seed Corporation


2009              Awarded of Academician Fu-Qing Yang and Yang-Yuan Wang Prize for 
               excellence of teaching and research of Peking University

2008-present   Associate editor of Plant Molecular Biology Reporter

2004              Member of Local Organizing committee of 18th ICSPR

2002              NSFC panelist in developmental biology

1997-2000    Member of Steering committee for the MST program of “Molecular Mechanism of Sexual Reproduction in Higher Plants”

1994-1995    CAS panelist of the panel of strategy research for the development of biology in CAS

1991-1993    The Rockefeller fellow of Rice Biotechnology Program 


Selected Publications:

Bai SN, Xu ZH (2012) Bird -Nest Puzzle - Can the study of unisexual flowers such as cucumber solve the problem of plant sex determination? Protoplasma 249 (Suppl 2):S119S123

Gu HT, Wang DH, Li X, He CX, Xu ZH, Bai SN (2011) Characterization of an ethylene inducible, calcium dependent nuclease that is differentially expressed in cucumber flower development. New Phytologist 192:590-600

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Bai, SN and Xu, ZH (2010) From ethylene promotion of female flowers to ethylene inhibition of stamen development: a review on the study of developmental fate of inappropriate organs in unisexual cucumber flowers. Sci. Sin Vitae 40(6): 469-475

Wang DH, Li F, Duan QH, Han T, Xu ZH, Bai SN (2010) Ethylene perception is involved in female cucumber flower development. Plant J. 61862-872

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Lu XC, He Y, Chen M, Tian SL, Bai SN (2008) Daylength responses of various morphogenetic events after panicle initiation in late japonica rice (Oryza sativa L. vs. japonica). Plant Biology 10: 388-397  

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Hao YJ, Wang Dh, Peng YB, Bai SL, Xu LY, Li YQ, Xu ZH, Bai SN (2003) DNA damage in early primordial anther is closely correlated with the stamen arrest in female flower of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Planta 217(6): 888-95

Liang YK, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Li SG, Lu XC, Li H, Zou C, Xu ZH, Bai SN (2003) OsSET1, a novel SET-domain containing gene from rice. J. Exp. Bot. 54: 1995-1996

Xu ZH, Bai SN (2002) Impact of biotechnology on agriculture in China. Trends in Plant Science 7: 374-375

Bai SN, Tan KH (2001) Does the leaf-derived signal generated in photoperiod has specific effects on particular morphologenetic events occurred in shoot apex? ---- Reconsideration of the research on the photoperiodic sensitive genic male sterile rice. Chinese Science Bulletin 46: 788-792

Yang, L., Chen, M. Liu, F. Geng, Y., Chen, C. Li, Y. Cao, Z., Xu, Z. and Bai, SN (1999) Carpel of cucumber (Cucumis sativus. L) male flowers maintains early primordia characteristics during organ development. Chinese Science Bulletin, 44(23): 2509-2513

Bai SN (1999) Phenomena, interpretation of the phenomena and the developmental unit in plants. in Advances of Botany Vol II, ed. Li, Chensheng. 52-69, Higher Education Publish House, Beijing





Bai SN (2003) Developmental Biology of Plants PKU Press, Beijing


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