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2012.11.20 Microfluidics and Directed Cell Migration

Speaker: Dr. Francis Lin

         (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba)


Time:1:00pm, Nov. 20, 2012


Address:Rm. 102, Old Chemistry Building, east Wing, 1rd floor, CQB




Cell migration underlies many physiological processes ranging from host defense to wound healing and to cancer metastasis. Diverse environmental factors such as chemical gradients and electric fields can guide the migration and trafficking of various cell types in tissues. Rapid development of microfluidics provides powerful quantitative test bed for cell migration analysis in controlled cellularmicroenvironments.  Toward leveraging microfluidics-based approaches to directed cell migration research, we use microfluidic devices to study chemotactic and electrotactic migration of various cell types. Ongoing research in this direction includes experimental and modeling studies of CCR7-based combinatorial guidance for T cell trafficking in secondary lymphoid tissues, chemotaxis and electrotaxis of lymphocytes, breast cancer cells and adipose-derived stem cells. In addition to fundamental research, we develop integrated and easy-to-use microfluidic cell migration analysis system to explore its practical use for life science research and for clinical applications. An overview of the microfluidic cell migration research program at the University of Manitoba in Canada is provided in this talk.


Host: Professor Qi OUYANG