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2013.12.17 Hierarchical feedback modules and hubs of bionetworks through graph decomposition

Yueheng Lan, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinhua University





Time:13:00pm, Dec.17, 2013

Rm. 102, Old Chemistry Building, east Wing, 1rd floor, CQB



The dynamics of complex biological systems is often driven by multiscale, rare but important events. In this talk, I will introduce the numerical methods for computing transition states, and then give two examples in distinct biological systems: one is a multiscale stochastic model to investigate a novel noise attenuation mechanism that relies on more noises in different cellular processes to coordinate cellular decisions during embryonic development; the other is a phase field model to study theneuroblast delamination in Drosophila.


Host:Zhirong LIU