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2013 CQB Brainstorming Acitivity for Cross Biology

2013 CQB Brainstorming Acitivity for Cross Biology was held in Peking University on July 1st-19th, 2013. This activity is part of the Project of Innovation in Postgraduate Education of Peking University. All graduates in CQB attended this Brainstorm, and some undergraduate students were also attracted to paticipate in.

In just 20 days, this activity was orderly carried on, and it mainly devided into 4 stages:

1. Participants can team up freely and each group will consist of at least 3 graduates from different lab for Interdisciplinary communication, and the upper limit of each group is 5 people.

2. Preliminary assessment and grading among groups.

3. Training of background knowledge and preparing presentation.

4. Final assessment and presenting the award.


Question-and-Answer Portion of each group










Leader: Xiao Guo

Leader: Shanshan Qin

Leader: Jun Wang










Leader: Jingyi Xi

Leader: Zengmiao Wang

Leader: Qiuyue Wang









Leader: Xi Chen

Leader: Haojie Li

Leader: Cheng Lv



           Leader: Wei Yang




The Award Ceremony 








Host: Xiaomin Ma & Bin Shao

Professor Hongli Wang, Associate professor Chunxiong Luo and Dr. Jianfeng Pei award for the students won Third Prize

Professor Minghua Deng, Associate professor Ying Liu and Associate professor Fangting Li award for the students won Third Prize














Dr. Donggen Luo, Dr. Ping Wei and Dr. Letian Tao and Professor Jianguo Chen award for the students won Second Prize

Professor Chao Tang, Professor Hao Li, Professor Luhua Lai and Qi Ouyang award for the students won First Prize