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2013 CQB Annual Symposium (2013.7.16-7.20)


On July 16th-20th, 2013, 2013 CQB Annual Symposium was held at Beijing Suburb. In order to strenghthen the cooperation and communication among each academic team, the CQB annual report and 4 academic reports were presented in our Annual Symposium. We invitied Dr. Yanyi Huang and Dr. Fan Bai from Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center (BioPic), Dr. Donggen Luo and Ping Wei from CQB/CLS to present their reasearch area and recent achievements and work plan. In addition, more than 40 graduate student and postdoctor of CQB gave a short oral presentation to introduce their work progress. More than 180 researchers attend this Annual Symposium, and the meeting has a perfect ending finally.








Deputy director, Professor Luhua Lai hosting the meeting

Director, Professor Chao Tang presents CQB annual report

Academic reprot from the new PI of CQB, Dr. Ping Wei





Academic report from Dr. Yanyi Huang

Academic report from Dr. Fan Bai

Academic reprot from the new PI of CLS, Dr. Donggen Luo





The scene of Annual Symposium

Poster session

 Poster session



Awarding of Poster Session




First Prize

Ziwei Dai

Luhua Lai

Second Prize

Kai Song

Minghua Deng

Tongqing Li

Luhua Lai

Third Prize

Xiaomin Ma

Luhua Lai

Hu Meng

Luhua Lai

Zhiyuan Li

Chao Tang

Ning Yin

Luhua Lai













Professor Hongli Wang, Associate professor Zhirong Liu, Associate professor Fangting Li and Dr. Jianfeng Pei award for the students won Third Prize

Professor Yuhai Tu and Professor Hao li award for the students won Second Prize

Dr. Ping Wei award for the students on First Prize