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Conservation and implications of eukaryote transcriptional regulatory regions across multiple species.

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c-REDUCE: Incorporating sequence conservation to detect motifs that correlate with expression.

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Reversibly switchable DNA nanocompartment on surfaces: experiments.

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New Solutions of Translation Initiation Site Prediction for Prokaryotic Genomes.

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Finding multiple target optimal intervention in disease-related molecular network.

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Fluence-Response Dynamics of the UV-Induced SOS Response in Escherichia coli.

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A molecular model for persister in E.

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Activation and inhibition of leukotriene A(4) hydrolase aminopeptidase activity by diphenyl ether and derivatives.

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A new method for splice site prediction based on the sequence patterns of splicing signals and regulatory elements.

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A fast cell loading and high-throughput microfluidic system for long-term cell culture in zero-flow environments.

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Key residue-dominated protein folding dynamics.

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Modelling the SOS response by semi-stochastic simulation.

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Control of scroll wave turbulence in a three-dimensional reaction-diffusion system with gradient.

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SCUMBLE: a method for systematic and accurate detection of codon usage bias by maximum likelihood estimation.

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Chemically induced dimerization of human nonpancreatic secretory phospholipase A2 by bis-indole derivatives.

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Stochastic simulation of Turing patterns.

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Control of spiral turbulence by periodic forcing in a reaction-diffusion system with gradients.

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Effect of noise on chemical waves in three-dimensional reaction-diffusion systems with gradient.

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A dynamic Bayesian network approach to protein secondary structure prediction.

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Dynamic property is a key determinant for protein-protein interactions.

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Secondary structural analysis of the mRNA regions encoding the hemagglutinin cleavage site basic amino acids of the avian influenza virus H5N1 subtype samples.

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ProTISA: a comprehensive resource for translation initiation site annotation in prokaryotic genomes.

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