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14-3-3zeta interacts with stat3 and regulates its constitutive activation in multiple myeloma cells.

Xiong, Q.; Chen, F.; Li, W.; Yang, M.; Zheng, P.; Li, C.; Zhang, J.; Pei, J.; Ge, F.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (1), e29554. [PubMed]

Arabidopsis NMD3 is required for nuclear export of 60S ribosomal subunits and affects secondary cell wall thickening.

Chen, M. Q.; Zhang, A. H.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, B. C.; Nan, J.; Li, X.; Liu, N.; Qu, H.; Lu, C. M.; Sudmorgen; Zhou, Y. H.; Xu, Z. H.; Bai, S. N.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (4), e35904. [PubMed]

Automatch: Target-binding protein design and enzyme design by automatic pinpointing potential active sites in available protein scaffolds.

Zhang, C. S.; Lai, L. H.

Proteins-Structure Function and Bioinformatics 2012, 80, (4), 1078-1094. [PubMed]

Automated Design of Genetic Toggle Switches with Predetermined Bistability.

Chen, S. B.; Zhang, H. Q.; Shi, H. D.; Ji, W. Y.; Feng, J. C.; Gong, Y.; Yang, Z. L.; Ouyang, Q.

Acs Synthetic Biology 2012, 1, (7), 284-290. [PubMed]

Binding of Two Intrinsically Disordered Peptides to a Multi-Specific Protein: A Combined Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Study.

Staneva, I.; Huang, Y. Q.; Liu, Z. R.; Wallin, S.

Plos Computational Biology 2012, 8, (9), e1002682. [PubMed]

Bird-nest puzzle: can the study of unisexual flowers such as cucumber solve the problem of plant sex determination.

Bai, S. N.; Xu, Z. H.

Protoplasma 2012, 249 Suppl 2, S119-23. [PubMed]

Cell cycle synchronization by nutrient modulation.

Tian, Y.; Luo, C. X.; Lu, Y. H.; Tang, C.; Ouyang, Q.

Integrative Biology 2012, 4, (3), 328-334. [PubMed]

Cep57, a NEDD1-binding pericentriolar material component, is essential for spindle pole integrity.

Wu, Q. X.; He, R. S.; Zhou, H. N.; Yu, A. C. H.; Zhang, B.; Teng, J. L.; Chen, J. G.

Cell Research 2012, 22, (9), 1390-1401. [PubMed]

Comparison and evaluation of network clustering algorithms applied to genetic interaction networks.

Hou, L.; Wang, L.; Berg, A.; Qian, M.; Zhu, Y.; Li, F.; Deng, M.

Front Biosci (Elite Ed) 2012, 4, 2150-61. [PubMed]

Comparison of metagenomic samples using sequence signatures.

Jiang, B.; Song, K.; Ren, J.; Deng, M.; Sun, F.; Zhang, X.

BMC Genomics 2012, 13, 730. [PubMed]

K., Crystal structure analysis of a recombinant predicted acetamidase/formamidase from the thermophile Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis.

Qian M; Huang Q; Wu G; Lai L; Tang Y; Pei J; M.

The protein journal 2012, 31, (2), 166-174. [PubMed]

A de novo metagenomic assembly program for shotgun DNA reads.

Lai, B. B.; Ding, R. G.; Li, Y.; Duan, L. P.; Zhu, H. Q.

Bioinformatics 2012, 28, (11), 1455-1462. [PubMed]

Designing synthetic regulatory networks capable of self-organizing cell polarization.

Chau, A. H.; Walter, J. M.; Gerardin, J.; Tang, C.; Lim, W. A.

Cell 2012, 151, (2), 320-32. [PubMed]

Designing the Scientific Cradle for Quantitative Biologists.

Ouyang, Q.; Lai, L. H.; Tang, C.

Acs Synthetic Biology 2012, 1, (7), 254-255. [PubMed]

Dose-Response Aligned Circuits in Signaling Systems.

Long, Y.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, H. L.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (4), e34727. [PubMed]

Dynamic eicosanoid responses upon different inhibitor and combination treatments on the arachidonic acid metabolic network.

He, C.; Wu, Y. R.; Lai, Y. Q.; Cai, Z. W.; Liu, Y.; Lai, L. H.

Molecular Biosystems 2012, 8, (5), 1585-1594. [PubMed]

Dynamic Modeling of Human 5-Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor Interactions Helps To Discover Novel Inhibitors.

Wu, Y. R.; He, C.; Gao, Y.; He, S.; Liu, Y.; Lai, L. H.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2012, 55, (6), 2597-2605. [PubMed]

Dynamical topology and statistical properties of spatiotemporal chaos.

Zhuang, Q. T.; Gao, X.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, H. L.

Chaos 2012, 22, (4), 043133. [PubMed]

Etiologic Diagnosis of Lower Respiratory Tract Bacterial Infections Using Sputum Samples and Quantitative Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

Kang, Y.; Deng, R.; Wang, C.; Deng, T.; Peng, P. C.; Cheng, X. X.; Wang, G. Q.; Qian, M. P.; Gao, H. F.; Han, B.; Chen, Y. S.; Hu, Y. H.; Geng, R.; Hu, C. P.; Zhang, W.; Yang, J. P.; Wan, H. Y.; Yu, Q.; Wei, L. P.; Li, J. S.; Tian, G. Z.; Wang, Q. Y.; Hu, K.; Wang, S. Q.; Wang, R. Q.; Du, J.; He, B.; Ma, J. J.; Zhong, X. N.; Mu, L.; Cai, S. X.; Zhu, X. D.; Xing, W. L.; Yu, J.; Deng, M. H.; Gao, Z. C.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (6), e38743. [PubMed]

Frequency-Dependent Escherichia coli Chemotaxis Behavior.

Zhu, X. J.; Si, G. W.; Deng, N. P.; Ouyang, Q.; Wu, T. L.; He, Z. R.; Jiang, L. L.; Luo, C. X.; Tu, Y. H.

Physical Review Letters 2012, 108, (12), 128101. [PubMed]

Hierarchical Modularity and the Evolution of Genetic Interactomes across Species.

Ryan, C. J.; Roguev, A.; Patrick, K.; Xu, J. W.; Jahari, H.; Tong, Z. T.; Beltrao, P.; Shales, M.; Qu, H.; Collins, S. R.; Kliegman, J. I.; Jiang, L. L.; Kuo, D.; Tosti, E.; Kim, H. S.; Edelmann, W.; Keogh, M. C.; Greene, D.; Tang, C.; Cunningham, P.; Shokat, K. M.; Cagney, G.; Svensson, J. P.; Guthrie, C.; Espenshade, P. J.; Ideker, T.; Krogan, N. J.

Molecular Cell 2012, 46, (5), 691-704. [PubMed]

Hybridization and amplification rate correction for affymetrix SNP arrays.

Wang, Q.; Peng, P.; Qian, M.; Wan, L.; Deng, M. H.

BMC Med Genomics 2012, 5, 24. [PubMed]

Improved dimensionally-reduced visual cortical network using stochastic noise modeling.

Tao, L.; Praissman, J.; Sornborger, A. T.

J Comput Neurosci 2012, 32, (2), 367-76. [PubMed]

Integrating phosphorylation network with transcriptional network reveals novel functional relationships.

Wang, L.; Hou, L.; Qian, M.; Deng, M. H.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (3), e33160. [PubMed]

G., J-4: a novel and typical preclinical anticancer drug targeting protein kinase C ζ.

Li H; Wu J; Ying G; Chen L; L.H., L.; Z., L.; Zhang N; H.

Anticancer Drugs 2012, 23, (7), 691-697. [PubMed]

Live cell imaging analysis of the epigenetic regulation of the human endothelial cell migration at single-cell resolution.

Zheng, C.; Yu, Z.; Zhou, Y.; Tao, L.; Pang, Y.; Chen, T.; Zhang, X.; Qiu, H.; Zhou, H.; Chen, Z.; Huang, Y.

Lab Chip 2012, 12, (17), 3063-72. [PubMed]

Mechanism of 3D Domain Swapping for M-pro-C: Clues from Molecular Simulations.

Huang, Y. Q.; Kang, X.; Xia, B.; Liu, Z. R.

Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica 2012, 28, (10), 2411-2417. [PubMed]

Molecular Docking in Xin-Ke-Shu Preparation's Multi-Target Effect on Coronary Heart Disease.

Hu, Y. B.; Peng, J. B.; Gu, S.; Pei, J. F.; Zou, Z. M.

Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica 2012, 28, (05), 1257-1264. [PubMed]

Molecular phenotyping of aging in single yeast cells using a novel microfluidic device.

Xie, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Zou, K.; Brandman, O.; Luo, C.; Ouyang, Q.; Li, H.

Aging Cell 2012, 11, (4), 599-606. [PubMed]

PACSIN1, a Tau-interacting protein, regulates axonal elongation and branching by facilitating microtubule instability.

Liu, Y.; Lv, K.; Li, Z.; Yu, A. C.; Chen, J.; Teng, J.

J Biol Chem 2012, 287, (47), 39911-24. [PubMed]

A parallel diffusion-based microfluidic device for bacterial chemotaxis analysis.

Si, G. W.; Yang, W.; Bi, S. Y.; Luo, C. X.; Ouyang, Q.

Lab on a Chip 2012, 12, (7), 1389-1394. [PubMed]

Pathway-Based Mean-Field Model for Escherichia coli Chemotaxis.

Si, G. W.; Wu, T. L.; Ouyang, Q.; Tu, Y. H.

Physical Review Letters 2012, 109, (4), 048101. [PubMed]

A population-level model from the microscopic dynamics in Escherichia coli chemotaxis via Langevin approximation.

He, Z. R.; Wu, T. L.; Ouyang, Q.; Tu, Y. H.

Chinese Physics B 2012, 21, (9), 098701. [PubMed]

The role of fluctuations in coarse-grained descriptions of neuronal networks.

Cai, D.; Tao, L.; Shkarayev, M. S.; Rangan, A. V.; McLaughlin, D. W.; Kovacic, G.

Comm. Math. Sci. 2012, 10, 307-354. [PubMed]

Scroll wave meandering induced by phase difference in a three-dimensional excitable medium.

Yang, Z.; Gao, S. Y.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, H. L.

Physical Review E 2012, 86, (5), 056209. [PubMed]

Sequence Preference of alpha-Helix N-Terminal Tetrapeptide.

Qi, Y. F.; Liang, H. H.; Han, X. P.; Lai, L. H.

Protein and Peptide Letters 2012, 19, (3), 345-352. [PubMed]

Single Cell Analysis of Yeast Replicative Aging Using a New Generation of Microfluidic Device.

Zhang, Y.; Luo, C. X.; Zou, K.; Xie, Z. W.; Brandman, O.; Ouyang, Q.; Li, H.

PLoS One 2012, 7, (11), e48275. [PubMed]

Three-dimensional domain swapping in the protein structure space.

Huang, Y. Q.; Cao, H. Q.; Liu, Z. R.

Proteins-Structure Function and Bioinformatics 2012, 80, (6), 1610-1619. [PubMed]