Graduate student Huixia Ren visiting Niels Bohr Institute   

From Oct. 7th to Nov. 1st, 2017. Invited by Prof. Kim Sneppen, Huixia Ren visited Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, to collaborate with members of the Biocomplexity Research Section. There they worked on mathematical modeling of Calcium oscillation in islets. Huixia’s visit was filled with intense scientific and social activities. By the end of the visit, they had a dumpling farewell party. The visit was so fruitful that Kim invited Huixia for another longer visit in NBI in the future.



Physical Concepts in Stem Cell Biology Workshop in Denmark   

Xu Xiaochan and Dai Haochen attended the workshop "Physical Concepts in Stem Cell Biology" in Copenhagen in August 2017. It's an interdisciplinary collaboration between biologists and physicists, organized by the StemPhys Centre of the Niels Bohr Institute and located in Tisvildeleje, a scenic seaside town of Denmark. Its participants were scientists and graduate students around the world. There was a variety of topics including the embryo development, cell fate decision, gene expression dynamics, microfluidic technology, Microscopic technology and et al. Invited speakers talked about their scientific questions and latest research progresses. Xiaochan and Haochen benefited a lot from the fantastic lectures.



Congratulations to Yuan Yuan and Huan Hu   

On May 2017, Yuan Yuan and Huan Hu successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis. In the thesis research, Yuan Yuan constructed an inducible cell apoptosis system. By combining single-cell quantitative experiments with mathematical modeling, she unraveled the rational behind the apoptosis circuitry and came up with a criterion for the life-death cell fate. Huan Hu developed a new method for mammalian genomic loci labeling: BiFC-TALE, and realized the imaging of telomere and alpha-satellite sequences. Compared with previous methods, the system dramatically improved the Signal-to-Background-Ratio of gene labeling by firstly introducing BiFC technology to this field. Congratulations to Drs. Yuan and Hu!



Students enjoyed the Workshop in korea   

Xiaochan Xu, Huixia Ren and Xiang Liu attended the "A3-NIMS Joint Workshop on interdisciplinary Research Connecting Mathematics and Biology" from May 12 to 14 at Daejeon, Korea. The A3 funding strongly encourages research communication and collaboration between China, Japan and Korea (Asia 3 counties). This year the workshop was hosted by National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS) in Korea. During the 3 days of well-organized meeting, researchers presented their recent progress and engaged in active discussions in many interdisciplinary areas between mathematics and biology, such as computing, modeling, data analysis and dynamic systems etc. All the three students benefited a lot from interacting with other participants. In particular, they were given opportunities to present their own work at the meeting. They also enjoyed the multi-culture atmosphere, and the natural beauty and hot springs in Daejeon.



Wenjia Shi obtains her Ph.D. degree   

On December 2016, Wenjia Shi defended her Ph.D. thesis. As a Ph.D. candidate, she chose adaptation as aim function, to investigate the impact of regulatory rules and network size on the design principles of complex biological networks. She found these two factors bring in rich network "sub-types", which mainly affects the forms of the control node. Congratulations to Wenjia!



Mathias L. Heltberg Visiting TangLab   

Mathias L. Heltberg,a graduate student from Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen visited Tang Lab from the 10th to the 17th of November, 2016. He talked about his research on mode locking in NF-kB system. Students from Tang lab shared with Mathias their work and the Chinese culture.



Congratulations to graduating students   

This summer, Yao Zhao, Qi Liu, Xin Wang and Chang Chang defended their Ph.D. thesis, and Xin Wang was awarded the Excellent Graduate award. In the research, Yao Zhao built an ODE model of cell cycle regulatory network of budding yeast, focusing on the system’s global stability and bifurcations; Xin Wang quantitative studied the optimal growth of unicellular organisms; Qi Liu systematically studied the dynamics and metabolic properties of cellular quiescence state in fission yeast; Chang Chang have systematically investigated mutation dynamics of both high and low abundance based on accurate asexual population sequencing data from the views of fitness and epistasis. Congratulations to them!



Prof. Kim Sneppen Visiting TangLab   

Prof. Kim Sneppen from Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen visited Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB) and Tang Lab from the 8th to the 28th of April, 2016. During his visit, he gave two seminars on the Biological Physics research. He interacted intensively with CQB faculty members and students. Students from Tang lab shared with Prof. Sneppen ideas about science and Chinese culture, as well as food.



Graduate student Jiayin Hong visiting Kyoto University   

From Jan 6th to Mar 29th, 2016, Jiayin Hong went to Japan to collaborate with Prof. Li Liu's group at iCeMs, Kyoto University on distinct pluripotent stem cell states derived from different cell-matrix adhesion. Jiayin was responsible for constructing the mathematical model and theoretical analysis. Besides work, she became a big fan of sushi and ramen.



2015 CQB Annual Retreat   

2015 CQB Annual Retreat was held on January 17th, 2016, in the Lecture Hall of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University. The goal is to promote communication, interaction and cooperation among the research groups. The agenda includes annual report of CQB, 6 invited lectures and 51 presentations by graduate students and postdocs. More than 100 people attended the retreat.



Go skiing!   

Members from tanglab went skiing on January 7 th , 2016. How fast and furious it was!



Prof. Tang won "Best 10 Teachers" award   

In the second PKU “Best 10 Teachers” competition organized by the Graduate School, Prof. Tang is one of the ten winners. Congratulation!



Teacher’s Day   

Happy Teacher’s Day to Prof. Tang, Prof. Yang and Dr. Gong.



UCSB Summer School   

Shanshan Qin and Haojie Li attended the 3rd Santa Barbara advanced summer shool for quantitative biology from Aug 3 to Sept 5 at UC Santa Barbara. The aim of this course was to make progress towards filling the gap between cell and evolutionary biology. With well desigened reseach projects, this course combined state-of-the-art in vivo microscopy, bioinformatics analysis and theoretical modeling aimed at uncovering the evolutionary basis of cellular function and behavior at multiple scales. Druing the five-week intense course, Shanshan did two rounds of experimental rotation projects about embroygenesis of various insects and Haojie did two rounds theoretical rotation projects. They enjoyed the multi-culture atmosphere, and benefited a lot from interacting with other participants



Q-bio conference and UCSD Summer School   

From July 12th to August 9th, 2015, Wenjia Shi, Xiang Liu, Jiayin Hong and Peipei Yin attended the Q-Bio Summer School and Conference. They also visited the Harvard Medical School to see the lab alumni Dr. Wenzhe Ma and Dr. Xili Liu.



Summer school in Italy   

From July 19th to July 25th, 2015, Mingyue Zhang, Binghui Tian and Huixia Ren attended the summer school on bioinformatics and computational biology. The main and special guest lectures addressed the scope focusing on “Computational Dynamic Analysis of Biological Process”. Topics such as Biological Networks at different spatial scales, Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Models and Immune System Analysis involve intriguing problems. The three students enjoyed greatly.



Farewell and Welcome to TangLab!   

Zhang Zidong, Yan Jiawei and Zhou Yuansheng finished their undergraduate research training projects at TangLab, and they will further their graduate studies at Princeton, Harvard and UCSD in the coming years. Good luck to them! Two Ph.D. students and one postdoctoral researcher joined TangLab recently. Welcome Zhang Lu, Li Yanjun and Dr. Liu Hao!



Xianfeng Ping obtains her Ph.D. degree   

On June 2015, Xianfeng Ping defended her Ph.D. thesis. As a Ph.D. candidate, she carried out an exhaustive computational analysis on the network topologies that robustly execute the patterning functions of C. elegans VPCs. Congratulations to Xianfeng!



The Pathfinder   

Prof. Chao Tang, the Executive Dean of Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, chatted about his research and education path with a group of students on April 2, 2015. About 20 students from various departments and research centers participated in the event. Prof. Tang shared his academic and research experience and his view on interdisciplinary sciences. The event was filled with lively dialog and laughter.



Dr. Huili Feng Visited Tang Lab   

Dr. Huili Feng from Washington University in St. Louis visited CQB (Center for Quantitative Biology) and Tang Lab on March 25, 2015. During her visit, she gave a seminar on “Small RNA Regulation of Quorum Sensing in Vibrios”. She talked with CQB faculty members and students. Students from Tang lab shared with Dr. Feng ideas about science and life.



2015 CQB Annual Symposium   

CQB Annual Meeting was held on February 6th 2015, in the lecture hall of College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University. 10 students reported their research progress. A new year party was held at night, students and teachers participated and played games together. Happy new year!



Go skiing!   

Members from tanglab went skiing on January 17 th , 2015. How fast and furious it was, and welcome Peipei and Jiayin joining Tanglab!




Tang Lab hosted a Happy Hour at 4th floor of the ISRC building on December 25, 2014. People from CQB got together to celebrate the new year's coming and share their research ideas. Happy New Year! Everyone!



Quantitative Biology: from Genes, Cells to Networks   

From October 13th to 17th, we attended the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference: From Genes, Cells to Networks, which was held in Suzhou, China. The conference included eight oral sessions and one poster session covering the latest findings across many topics in quantitative biology. Social events throughout the conference provide ample opportunity for informal interactions. Professor Chao Tang gave an invited talk and, as one of the organizers, presented the posters prizes to winning students. Xin Wang was one of the winners. Congratulations!



Workshop on Systems Biology   

From September 7th to 9th, Workshop on Systems Biology was held at the lecture hall of Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research. This Workshop, including plenary lectures and poster presentations, provides a interdisciplinary forum for researchers to show their recent findings. Xin Wang won the First Prize in the poster session while Shanshan Qin won the Second Prize. Congratulations!



The Eighth q-bio Summer School and Conference   

From July 27th to August 16th, Xin Wang, Chang Chang and Yuan Yuan attended the 8th q-bio summer school and Conference. q-bio is famous for its advanced courses and annual conferences in quantitative biology.



2014 CQB Annual Symposium   

2014 CQB Annual Symposium was held on July 8th at the lecture Hall of College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. This symposium included work report of CQB, 4 invited speeches from Peng Chen, Fuchou Tang, Haiyan Liu, Guanghua Huang. 49 students’ research reports were also presented. Yuan Yuan, Shanshan Qin, Xin Wang and Chang Chang won the CQB Scholarships, while Zongmao Gao won Third Prize in the poster session. Congratulations!



Welcome to TangLab!   

In this summer of 2014, Sheng Huanjie from the School of Life Science and Xiong Liyang from the School of Physics finished their undergraduate research training projects at TangLab, and they will further their graduate studies at UC Berkley and UCSD in the coming years, respectively. Good luck to them and we are here waiting for your coming back with heavy harvest. Three Ph.D students from CQB and the School ofPhysics joined TangLab. Welcome Binhui Tian, Xiang Liu, and Yueming Zhang! Hope everyone has a good time in their experience at TangLab.



The first International Young Scholars Systems and Synthetic Biology Symposium   

The first International Young Scholars Systems and Synthetic Biology Symposium was held from June 23rd to June 25th at the CQB. 27 outstanding worldwide young scholars and about a hundred students and colleagues attended the meeting. Presentations, posters, lively discussions were focused on the advanced hot spots of r