2019.12.20 Modeling clonal populations in hematopoiesis and T cell dynamics

2019-12-18 18:00:28 4




    目:Modeling clonal populations in hematopoiesis and T cell dynamics

报告人Tom Chou

Professor, Depts. of Computational Medicine and Mathematics, UCLA






主持人:张磊 研究员

摘 要:


We develop modeling and analysis approaches for quantifying the in vivo evolution of clonal blood cell populations. A stochastic birth-death-immigration (BDI) model is used to describe experiments that measure hematopoietic stem cell tags and T cell immunotypes. We investigate a number of important processes that affect the predictions of the BDI model, including stochasticity, subsampling, regulation, and heterogeneity in rates.  Using variations of this underlying mathematical framework, we try to infer the effective proliferative potential of progenitor cells, the heterogeneity of naive T cell output by the thymus, and the heterogeneity of their homeostatic proliferation rates. An immigration-induced transition in the multispecies BDI model is also described.