Positions Available

We are currently recruiting highly motivated postdocs, technologists and interns with computational and/or experimental experiences.

Postdoc/Technician/Intern in Beijing


Jing-Dong Jackie Han's Lab, Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University.
Beijing, 100871, P.R. China.

Welcome to the Han Lab!

Our research is focused on three areas: 1) Integration of genomic and functional genomics data to formulate biological hypotheses for human disease-related processes. 2) Understanding complex human diseases through structure, dynamics and function of disease-related networks. 3) Genetic robustness or fail-safe mechanisms engineered to genetic networks. Using data-mining, statistics approaches and network theories, we first try to generate biological hypotheses and computational models, and then use molecular biology, cell biology and systems biology approaches to validate and refine models and hypotheses.

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