2023.04.03 Neural mechanisms of cephalopod camouflage

2023-04-22 20:25:10



: Neural mechanisms of cephalopod camouflage

报告人: 梁希同 研究员


: 43日(周一)13:00-14:00

: 吕志和楼B101报告厅

主持人: 陶乐天 研究员


Cephalopods (e.g., octopus, squid, and cuttlefish) have the remarkable ability to change their skin color and pattern within seconds for camouflage or communication purposes, by controlling the size of millions of skin pigment cells called chromatophores. Our study tracked over 100,000 chromatophores in behaving cuttlefish and revealed an exploratory and iterative approach to optimize their camouflage skin pattern through visual estimation of the difference between their body and the background. Furthermore, we compared cuttlefish with another cephalopod species lacking complex skin patterns and identified evolutionary divergence in the neural circuit for skin pattern control between the two.


梁希同,北京大学生命科学学院研究员;北大-清华生命科学联合中心、北大麦戈文脑科学研究所PI。本科毕业于北京大学;2018年获美国圣路易斯华盛顿大学博士学位;2019-2022年在德国马普脑科学研究所从事博士后研究。以头足类(包括乌贼和章鱼)为对象,研究动物行为多样性的神经和演化机制,并致力于开发大规模神经活动成像技术,以第一作者在NatureScienceNeuronPNASCurrent Biology等期刊发表多篇论文。