2023.12.18 The Regulation of Focal Adhesion Dynamics

2023-12-05 15:38:11



: The Regulation of Focal Adhesion Dynamics

报告人: 余聪 博士


: 1218日(周一)13:00-14:00

: 吕志和楼B101

主持人: 齐志 研究员


Animal cells live in an environment called extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The interactions between the cells and ECM play fundamental roles in development and in adult organisms by controlling cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, survival, differentiation, and matrix assembly. Transmembrane receptor integrin-mediated focal adhesion (FA) is one of the most important cell-ECM adhesions. FAs are highly complex structures consisting of hundreds of different proteins and undergo dynamic assembly and disassembly. By linking to cytoskeletons, FAs can morphologically respond to mechanical force and thereby alter cell adhesion and mobility. Here, I will present our recently work about how protein interaction, mechanical force sensing, and phase separation orchestrate to regulate FA assembly and disassembly.


余聪,中国科学技术大学学士、香港科技大学博士。目前任职南方科技大学生命科学学院副教授(长聘)。国家青年千人, 深圳市海外高层次人才。 课题组致力于研究细胞与细胞外微环境的相互作用,采用结构生物学、生物化学和细胞生物学的方法研究细胞黏附结构的形成及信号传导的分子机制,以及细胞骨架及分子马达的调控机制,理解它们在生理和病理过程中发挥功能的分子机理。作为主要作者在CellMol CellScience AdvancesPNASCell ReportsElife 等杂志发表多篇研究论文。

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