Quantitative Biology 2020: The 3rd Worldwide Chinese Computational Biology Conference(2020.8.3-8.6)

2020-07-29 23:01:29

Quantitative Biology 2020:The 3rd Worldwide Chinese Computational Biology Conference2020.8.3-8.6

  With the rapid development of computational hardware and algorithms, computational biology is fast evolving into a more and more quantitative interdisciplinary field among physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and medicine. The Worldwide Chinese Computational Biology Conference (WCCB) aims to bring together the Chinese scientists in the field of computational biology, to share and push forward the cutting-edge research in the Chinese community of computational biology.

  The Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB) at PKU organizes annual international meetings of quantitative biology since 2000. In recognition of the increasing impact of computational biology, we are pleased to organize "The 3rd Worldwide Chinese Computational Biology Conference" at Peking University in 2020, in the hope of promoting extensive discussions and collaborations for further development of the field.

  The conference will mainly cover the following themes:

1. Molecular simulations of bio-systems

2. Computer-aided drug design

3. Machine learning in computational biology

4. Theoretical and Systems Biology

  This four-day meeting will present invited talks, contributed oral presentations, and posters. Due to the unfortunate situation of the current pandemic, we have to go online to carry on academic exchanges. Nonetheless, we believe the meeting will provide a great opportunity to discuss the latest discoveries and emerging methods during this difficult time. We welcome researchers from all the relevant disciplines to participate in the event and submit abstracts.

  Live websitehttps://www.koushare.com/live/liveroom?islive=0&lid=394&roomid=132792

  Programme download:

 qb2020 The 3rd Worldwide Chinese Computational Biology Conference-Programme v4