2013.1.8 Toward Modularized biological parts and Devices

2019-07-04 23:33:40

报告人  娄春波博士              

                (Synthetic Biology Center, Department of Biological Engineering, Massachusetts 

                 Institute of Technology, Cambridge)




地  点:北京大学定量生物学中心老化学楼东配楼102会议室(理教路西/老光华楼北侧)

摘  要:

A fundamental principle of synthetic biology is modularity of genetic parts. Modularity means that these parts can be independently characterized and used to predict their combined behavior. In practice, however, the functions of genetic parts are influenced by their genetic, environmental, and cellular context. By combining quantitative measurement and computational models, I have developed a strategy to insulate transcriptional devices from their physical DNA context. This strategy has a great potential to improve the designability of larger genetic circuits and biosynthesis pathways.