2012.12.13 CFinder: From gene interactions to the network of overlapping complexes and novel functional modules

2019-07-04 23:31:15


报告人:Illes Farkas

    (Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary)


地  点:北京大学定量生物学中心(原理论生物学中心)老化学楼东配楼102会议室(理教路西/老光华楼北侧)

摘  要:

Motivation: Cellular tasks are usually performed by groups of functionally associated proteins, referred to as modules (or complexes). In a network of gene/protein interactions modules appear as densely internally connected groups of nodes, also called communities or clusters. These clusters frequently overlap with each other and form a network on their own in which nodes (links) represent the modules (overlaps).
 Results: CFinder locates and visualizes overlapping, internally densely linked groups of nodes in undirected, directed and weighted networks and it allows the user to easily navigate between the original network and the network of clusters. In gene (protein) association networks CFinder can be used to predict the function(s) of a single protein and to discover novel functional modules.  



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